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Bamboo Bicycles - 110years Later


19TH Century bike

1894: BAMBOO CYCLE CO. LTD The first bamboo bicycles were shown at the London Stanley Show of 1894 and caused a sensation. [English patent No.8274 of 26 April 1894]. This model (1896) can be seen in Prague. Read reviews...

2005: CALFEE DESIGN Craig Calfee revisits the bamboo bike in 1996, going into production with first class road frames in 2005. This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for racing and for everyday use. frame sizes...

bamboo pro road bike

TECHNOLOGY: Culms of bamboo are heat treated and smoked to prevent cracking. Bamboo is selectively chosen for each part of the frame, then joined using hemp wrapping or carbon fibre. For an extra stiff drivetrain, the rear stays can be made completely of carbon fibre. Mixing materials and bonding creates advantageous vibration and damping characteristics.

Applying modern frame building techniques to an idea from over a century ago brings to life the astonishing natural properties of bamboo.

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