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Properties of Bamboo


bamboo culms

BAMBOO: a natural composite material longitudinally reinforced by strong fibers.

LIGHT: In wood the strongest fibres are packed in the centre of the trunk, however in bamboo the stems are full of cavities and the strongest fibres are distributed most densely in the outer surface region.

STIFF: As a consequence the most stable fibre structures in bamboo are most dense in regions of greatest longitudinal stress. Wood bends relatively easily but bamboo does not.

STRONG: Extremely strong wood fibres can resist up to 5kN/cm2 and steel can resist at most 37kN/cm2 whereas the outer fibres of slim bamboo tubes have tensile strengths of up to 40kN/cm2

Bamboo is therefore an ideal material for bike construction where stiffness and strength to weight ratios are important.

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