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bamboo bike

OXYGEN: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, generating more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees.

NATURAL RESOURCE: There are about 500 species of bamboo and hundreds of sub-species throughout the world. Within a year, plants reach full height, and over the next 6-8 years, plants gain hardness and strength as they lignify. It is an enduring natural resource that can be selectively harvested annually.

ECO FRIENDLY: Steel, aluminium and titanium frames all require high levels of energy to produce, from extraction to extrusion, before being suitable for bicycle manufacture. Carbon fibre also requires a lot of energy to produce in its controlled oxidation, carbonisation and graphitisation. The graphitisation process in particular is highly energy intensive, requiring temperatures of ~2600░C for high strength fibres or ~3000░C for high modulus (elastic) fibres.

HEMP JOINTS: Hemp is a natural alternative to carbon fibre and is available as an option on Calfee bamboo bike frames. The eco-credentials of hemp are already recognised in the clothing and construction industries.

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